Security and Smart Home

Closed Circuit Televion  (Security Cameras)

Residential video surveillance systems are quickly becoming a common solution for home owners to monitor and secure their property. In addition to peace of mind, security…

Winfall Security offers turn key solutions for any size home. We provide custom design and installation using affordable and effective surveillance camera equipment to specifically meet your needs. Our systems start at 4 camera systems and can goes as high as needed.

Winfall security offers turn key solutions for residential and businesses whether its large or small. We custom design each system using the appropriate hardware and equipment to specifically meet your needs. Whether its a 4 channel surveillance system or 64, we can take care of you.

All of our systems have the capability of secure remote viewing from a laptop, tablet, iPhone or Android via the Internet. Unlike some companies, Winfall Security does not monitor or have any kind of access to your system. You are the only one who has access and control of your video data.

Surveillance cameras are professionally installed in locations at your home or business. The cameras are configured to record to a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) or Network Video Recorder (NVR) that YOU will manage. Systems can be configured to back up the video at multiple remote locations if desired (Cloud recording). The high resolution security cameras used are designed to see during the day and night in very low light conditions. The video activity recorded around your property can be saved and used as video evidence to present to authorities. The surveillance systems are very user friendly and part of the service is a training session to fully prepare you to use the system to protect your home or business.

Protect your home, your family and your belongings with security cameras and surveillance systems.  Having a security alarm system combined with a video surveillance system makes it 40 times less likely that you will be the victim of a break and enter.


Business Security Cameras

Your business may be incredibly vulnerable to theft and property damage if you do not have security cameras properly installed. Employees and customers moving in and out of your premises on a regular basis could lead to theft or damage of property. A video surveillance system will reduce the amount of theft in your workplace by at least 50%. It will also increase the productivity of your staff and provide peace of mind 24 hours a day.


A Number of Security Cameras

Choosing A Security Camera Video Surveillance System

There are a number of security cameras and video surveillance systems available on the market. Each one has different benefits and drawbacks. We’ll be able to find the perfect home security camera or business security camera that suits your needs.

  • Wireless Security Cameras –Wireless cameras are useful in situations where wiring is difficult. They can also be moved quite easily and thus can be placed in different locations in your home of business depending on your needs. The main disadvantage of wireless security cameras is that the video signal can be interrupted or weakened by other radio frequencies or external forces such as weather.
  • Wired Security Cameras –Wired cameras provide a more reliable and stable signal than most wireless ones. These are hard wired into your home or office and thus can only be placed in some locations. They are also much more difficult to move.
  • Dome Security Cameras –Dome cameras are typically installed indoors. They are usually come black or white in colour and thus can match the surrounding area quite well. Some of these security cameras are vandal proof.
  • Bullet Security Cameras –Bullet cameras are usually quite small and can be installed both indoor and outdoors. These security cameras are adaptable to many situations and often work in both day and night.
  • Night Vision Security Cameras –If you require a camera for low light situations, there are several options. Night vision cameras are often infrared or thermal cameras. These can be used in low-light situations both indoors and outdoors. Infrared security cameras cannot be used in daylight. Black and white security cameras often provide better picture at night than colour security cameras. Many security cameras can switch back-and-forth between day and night modes for maximum effectiveness and some will even do this automatically.
  • 24/7 Monitored Video Surveillance –Monitor your home or business 24 hours a day from anywhere with an Internet connection.Using a monitored security camera system, you can view your property remotely from a web browser and ensure the premises are safe and secure. These systems often allow a security company to verify a break in by video following an alarm.

It is also important to correctly place the security cameras in your home or office. Ensure that you have enough security cameras to cover the area you need and that you select appropriate cameras for the level of light and weather conditions (if installing outdoor security cameras.) This will ensure that you have greater, more effective coverage.

One of the best ways to prevent theft and ensure the safety of your home or business is to combine video surveillance security cameras with other security tools such as a centrally monitored alarm system, motion detector or glass breakage detector.

Using two or more security tools together can offer you an 80% reduction in loss of property value.


Home Alarm and Monitoring/Smart Home

Aside from CCTV, we do residential, industrial and commercial alarm installs. We also have our own monitoring for a low monthly fee. We can customize your alarm to your needs.

In addition, we can implement all your devices (lights, blinds, thermostat) to be controlled by your smart phone or tablet.

We customize your business to meet and exceed your needs. We will design, install and program above your specifications. We partner up with many of the leading companies such as CDVI, Mircom and Eyeonet just to name a few. We can implement basic intercom systems, card readers, handsfree door operators or A.I. Facial recognition to control your door access.